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Birthday boards

Birthday boards have become a popular choice among new parents to mark the birth of their child in a personal and different way. A birthday board is also the perfect gift idea for the baptism or the child’s grandparents. At Villavejen, you can choose between birthday boards as posters or wooden birthday boards that are individually adjusted to your child’s information.

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Birthday boards are a personal and different way to mark your child’s birth

It is a life-changing experience to hold your newborn in your arms, and for many parents, it is something that cannot be compared to anything else. A birthday board is an excellent way to document the first time with your child, make the birthday something special, and recall the feeling of happiness and joy during the first time while your child is growing.
You decide when it makes sense for you to buy a birthday board. You can choose to get it made shortly after your child is born, where the board works as a manifestation of your child’s birth. You can also wait until the child is older, making the board a joyful memory of your child as a baby.

Personal birthday board: Pick design and information yourself

There are minor differences in what types of information the birthday board contains, depending on if you select one of our boards as a poster or as a wooden board. For instance, the posters contain information about name, date of birth, height and weight, while the birth boards in wood also include the place of birth, zodiac sign and time of birth.
The design of the birthday boards varies, so you have different options to choose from. But all the boards are designed according to Scandinavian traditions and fit into most people’s homes. The posters can be purchased in different colors, and the motif is either a child in a fetal position or standing up, but you can also pick the twin or sibling version. The birthday boards in wood have different shapes and motifs, for instance, a motif of a ballerina or a rocket.
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We will only start producing when you have the right birthday board and completed the order. That means that if you have specific wishes regarding what type of information the board should contain, you are welcome to contact us through Facebook Messenger. We can easily adjust the birthday board for you, as long as the format is not changed drastically.
Give a birthday board as a gift for the baptism or the grandparents
Besides being made for the parents to mark their child’s birth, the birthday boards are also the perfect gift idea. Whether you pick a birthday board poster or a wooden board as a gift for the baptism or the grandparents, it will be the gift that keeps on giving. You can be lucky if the newborn’s parents haven’t thought about buying a birthday board, and it will be a nice and cute gift. A birthday board will also be great for grandparents, who can put them up on the classic picture wall of the grandchildren.
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The birthday board can follow your child for the rest of their life
When your child is a newborn, it is first you, as a parent, who can enjoy the birthday board. But as your child grows and develop, you can use the birthday board to tell your child about how people develop and how tiny he or she once was. As an adult, it is nice to have a physical item from childhood, and the birthday board can be used to compare measurements once your child has their own children.
In that way, the birthday board has many functions and can bring lots of joy for both parents and the child when it grows big enough. As an additional bonus, it is also very decorative in the child’s room – just like the rest of our collection of designs for the child’s room on our webshop.