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Birthday posters – get a unique poster especially made for your child

A personal birthday poster from Villavejen gives a cozy and personal touch to the child’s room. The poster is created from your child’s unique information, so you get a poster that you cannot find anywhere else. The poster is also a memory of your child’s birth, how tiny they once were, and which you can look back on with happiness while your child grows. Find a large selection of simple and graphic birthday posters, or look at our selection of birthday plaques in wood.

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Design your child’s personal birthday poster

Becoming a parent for a little child is often described as a moment where the world is changed, no matter how much you have prepared for the situation. It can be difficult to put into words how it feels to stand with your newborn in your arms for the first time, and for many, it is an experience they can always recall and will remember with happiness.
If you want to mark this event and your child’s birth in a different and personal way, a birthday poster with your child’s personal and unique information is a great way to do so. If your child is a newborn, you can use the poster for years to come to remember the first period, and if your child is already growing, you can use the poster to remember how tiny your child once was.
When you have looked through the selection of our birthday posters and picked the design you like the most; you just need to fill out your child’s birth information and add the poster to the basket. We’ll start producing the poster, and you get a personal birthday poster, made only for you. The poster is 100% Danish because we at Villavejen design and print the posters ourselves.

Use a birthday poster to decorate a cozy and personal child’s room
Here at Villavejen, we know how important it is for you to decorate a cozy child’s room for your child and have different options to pick from. That’s why we have specialized in the interior for the child’s room and offer both lamps, mirrors, wall decorations and much more.
Our birthday poster is perfect for creating a cozy and personal child’s room, no matter if your child is a newborn or quickly growing up. They have been designed with simple and minimal expressions, which fit into any child’s room and home. Furthermore, a personal birthday poster will decorate the walls in the child’s room throughout the child’s entire childhood since the colors are not seasonal or trend-based. This way, you get a poster that can last for several years and that you don’t get tired of looking at after some time.
Without anything on the walls, a child’s room quickly starts looking empty and impersonal, but a birthday poster can help solve that. It makes a big difference for the feeling of the room to put something on the walls, and your child will most likely want to stay and play in their room much more. Do you want to supplement the birthday poster with several posters for the child’s room? You are guaranteed to find a poster in our large collection that will fit well with the birthday poster.

Give a newborn poster as a gift for the grandparents
A newborn poster – or a personal birthday poster – is an untraditional but perfect gift idea for your child’s grandparents. It will most likely be a surprising and wonderful gift that can be put up on a picture wall with pictures of the grandchildren, which are hanging in most grandparents’ homes. For instance, you can pick a birthday poster in neutral colors to be sure that the poster fits with their taste, but you can also pick our birthday plaques in wood, which create a very different expression, which might fit better with their style.