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Felt for the child’s room

Would you like to decorate a personal and unique room for your little prince or princess? Then you have come to the right place! On this site, you can explore our different felt products, which can create a cozy feeling in your child’s room. The products are decorative and can be mixed and matched across several types of interior. Read more.

    baby cot mobile with cars in gray

    Baby cot mobile with cars in felt

    Original price was: €18,12.Current price is: €14,50.
    baby cot mobile with diamonds

    Baby cot mobile with diamonds – felt

    Original price was: €18,12.Current price is: €14,50.
    Gray felt bat for baby cot mobile

    Baby cot mobile with bats – felt

    Original price was: €18,12.Current price is: €14,50.

Pick between different motifs

Here at Villavejen, we are not afraid to experiment with motifs, colors and shapes. Therefore, you can find different variants of felt for the child’s room in our collection. Hang up a cute and decorative plane in felt from the ceiling, or put up a row of felt around the crib. There are almost no limits for what our products can be used for.

Felt for walls

If you also think it can be a bit boring to decorate the walls in the child’s room with just traditional pictures, you can now buy felt for the wall in our shop. For instance, you can buy our felt balloon, where you can get your child’s name cut out. This type of wall decoration can often be much more decorative and personal than a picture, and the texture of the product will also create an interesting contrast to the other interior in the room.

Crib liner in felt

Felt does not only belong on the walls because you can also use it for the crib or the changing table. With our cute felt liners, you can decorate the child’s room exactly as you want it. The felt liner looks great over the changing table, where it can help kickstart your child’s creativity and curiousness. However, it can also be decorative around the bed and create a cozy feeling in the room.

Choose between several colors

When you buy our felt products for the child’s room, you decide what color you want your product in. Pick between everything from black to pink, and then you can be sure to find a color that matches the style of your baby’s room. At Villavejen, we love to explore a world of different colors, so you can find the right variant. A strong and bright color can be a good choice if the child has not yet turned 1 year old. That’s because your child is more likely to pay attention to strong colors. You can also pick a more toned-down gray or black if you want a more minimal look. The opportunities are endless, and you and your child are the ones in charge!

Pick products with the same motif at Villavejen

At Villavejen, you are able to mix different products with the same motifs so you can create a uniform and beautiful layout for the child’s room. For instance, you can pick our felt liners with air balloons and hang them around the crib. You can also install a night light with the same air balloon motif over the bed. It creates a nice and unique design in your child’s room, where you can decide whether the colors of the two products should be similar or if you want to mix different nuances. If you want to complete the theme of the room, you can pick coat hooks in the same motif, as well as a wall clock. When you explore our collection, you’ll quickly find that you can mix different interior products for the child’s room in different motifs. There’s everything from a princess to superhero motifs.

Create beautiful contrasts in your home interior

With our beautiful interior products in felt, you can create amazing contrasts in the child’s room. It is no secret that felt is a material that is, first of all, very pleasant for your child to touch, while it also goes well with several different materials, such as wood. It is important to combine different types of materials in your layout, as it provides a warm and calm atmosphere in the room. Therefore, you can easily mix our felt for the child’s room with our many other products.

Do you have a great idea for a new interior?

If you have an idea for a new product, which you think we should include in our collection, you can visit the Drawing Board. Here, you can use all your creative ideas and thoughts. We at Villavejen love inputs from our clients, and we try to fulfil your wishes to the best of our ability if we can see the potential in relation to our existing collections. Don’t be afraid to use your creative abilities, whether it is a rough sketch or a well-made and detailed draft of your thoughts.

Danish design and high quality

When you buy interior with us, whether it is felt for the wall or night lamps, you can always be sure of the high quality. All our products are designed in Denmark and made with an eye for every small detail. We also always paint our products to order, so you can be sure that the product is beautiful and freshly painted when it arrives at your door. We are not afraid to explore a world of colorful and playful products for the child’s room. We know that this room should be for play, calmness, coziness and learning. The right interior ensures that all these needs are met, and you can find all you need in our collection.
If your little superhero or princess is old enough, we always recommend including your child when you want to purchase a new interior for the child’s room. In that way, you can together pick out products that will decorate the room for several years. With our speedy delivery and free shipping, when you purchase for more than DKK 449, you can be sure that your child and you get a great experience whenever you order from us.