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Kitchen and Entrance

The kitchen and the entrance are both important spaces in your home. Therefore, you need inspiring and decorative products that highlight your personal style. At Villavejen, you will find an interesting selection of different useful and functional products for both the kitchen and the entrance. In our collection, you’ll find everything from knife holders to shelves and much more. Read more.

Most popular in this category:

  • Large cutting board with 2 sides, with and without juice groove.

    Large cutting board Oak / Smoked Oak

  • Cutting board with a juice edge for meat

    Cutting board Oak / Smoked Oak

  • Set of 5 round hooks put on the wall with hangers and clothes

    Set of 5 round coat hooks – wood

  • Beautiful oak shelf with black fittings

    Shelf with a black bracket – Oak

    Coat rack - oak with 4 hooks of aluminum.

    Coat rack – Zoey with 4 coat hooks in oak

    Original price was: €69,66.Current price is: €55,73.
    Coat rack with 3 hooks in oak and black painted hooks

    Coat rack – Wilma with 3 coat hooks in oak

    Original price was: €66,98.Current price is: €53,58.
    Coat rack in oak - model VERA with 3 hooks

    Coat rack – Vera with 3 coat hooks in oak

    Original price was: €66,98.Current price is: €53,58.
    5 round coat hooks in black

    5 round coat hooks – black

    Original price was: €60,26.Current price is: €48,21.
  • Set of round coat hooks - grey - Afairytale

    Set of round hooks – Color


Design your kitchen with a focus on function and aesthetic

Are you looking for inspiration for the design of your kitchen? No matter how big or small a kitchen is, it can be difficult to decorate the kitchen so that it becomes a functional space where you love to hang out, cook and eat.
A kitchen can quickly seem impersonal and sterile. It makes you feel less like staying in the kitchen unless you are cooking, washing up and the like. This won’t work, as the kitchen often serves as a gathering point for many families. So it should be a space in your home where your family can gather and enjoy each other’s company.
To achieve this, you should pay attention to choosing products that add both functionality and aesthetics to your layout. At Villavejen, we focus on creating products for the kitchen that both have an important function and are great to look at. You will find, among other things, beautiful knife holders, smart shelves and much more.
If you do not find what you are looking for, it can be a good idea to follow along on this page since new products are constantly appearing in our collection.

Use the space in your entrance in the best possible way

Although it may not seem like it, an entrance is an extremely important space in your home. It is the first room that meets you when you come home. Therefore, it is essential that you feel at home when you walk in the door.
If you have not made the best use of the space in your entrance, it can quickly become a messy and chaotic space. But if you instead think about how all the things are placed and stored, it can make the whole difference. Great styling will make your entrance look neat and tidy, and you can always find your things.
If your entrance needs an upgrade, you have landed on the right page. In this category, you will find coat hooks, shelves, key holders etc. The beautiful coat hooks can be used to hang your own and the children’s outerwear on. Just remember to hang the hangers at the right height so your kids can reach for their items.
Furthermore, a shelf or a keyholder is always a practical addition to your entrance. With a key holder, you or your family will never have to look for a set of keys again when you are in a hurry to get out the door.
Make your home personal with decorative accessories for the wall

Use decorations on the wall to create the right atmosphere and mood in your home. With wall decorations, you can let your creativity run free and add a personal touch to your decor.
Decorating your walls makes a room much more personal and inviting. It is crucial that you look forward to coming home and feel happy as soon as you open the door. What must your home radiate to make this possible? Among other things, you might want a motivating or inspirational quote hanging at your entrance. If you love nature, then it fits perfectly with decorations that reflect this.
To make your kitchen more personal, stylish wall decorations are also an advantage. Here you can, for example, hang up your favorite drinks or similar.
We offer several different types of wall decorations in various sizes, so you get the right decoration on the wall in your home. You will also find our decorations for the wall in both black acrylic and oak, so there is something for everyone.
At Villavejen, we make an effort to constantly create new beautiful wall decorations and decor for your entrance and your kitchen. You are welcome to take a look here on our site and let yourself be inspired by our products for the wall.
Unique products for the kitchen and entrance in a modern and Danish design

When it comes to the decor of your kitchen and your hallway, it is important that you find the perfect interior. Maybe you are even interested in products that you do not find in all Danish homes?
At Villavejen, you will find a wide range of unique products for kitchens and entrances in a modern Danish design. We design and produce all products here in Denmark, which is why you can be sure that the quality is top-notch.
Despite the fact that you get unique and handmade products, they can be purchased at a good price. It is important for Villavejen that everyone can get beautiful and unique products into their homes. If you appreciate quality, Danish design and handmade products, our collection is just right for you.

Get help and inspiration for designing a kitchen and entrance
Explore our many wonderful products and select your favorites for your kitchen and your entrance. Treat yourself by putting a personal touch on these spaces. If you already have one of our unique products, you can always surprise someone you care about with a gift from Villavejen.
With products from Villavejen, you can be sure that you will get quality that lasts for many years to come. You also always get free shipping if you buy for DKK 449 or more. No matter if you want to give it to someone else or if you are buying something for yourself, be aware that your order is being produced specifically for you. Therefore, it can take up to 7 days before we ship your order.
If you need inspiration and help with the decor, you are always welcome to contact our customer service. We can be contacted via email at, phone: +45 28 73 00 30 or via Messenger on Facebook.