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Oak Name Plate for the Children’s Room

Nameplates for the children’s room contribute to making the space more personal and unique, and at Villavejen, you’ll find a wide and exciting selection of various models in all sorts of colors and shapes. You will, therefore, have plenty of opportunities to find precisely the sign that will fit perfectly into your child’s room, whether you have a little boy or girl. Read more.

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Name signs in painted wood:

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Villavejen is the perfect place for those who appreciate high-quality Danish design and are also fond of products that can add a personal and special touch to a room. A child’s room is indeed a special place where your child can develop and play, so why not enhance it with a nameplate for the door? It will undoubtedly add extra charm and personality to your home, and at Villavejen, you have the opportunity to find exactly the model you’re looking for, thanks to the wide and exciting range of different nameplates. 

Buy a cloud nameplate for the child’s room and make the room more personal

At Villavejen, you can find a large and exciting selection of various nameplates in all shapes and colors. For example, check out the lovely and popular cloud nameplates, available with stars and hearts, and you can choose them in gray, light blue, light pink, mint green, light purple, etc. Just select the model you like best and that best matches your child’s room. Then write your child’s name in the text field – you can decide what you want it to say, whether it’s your child’s nickname or their real name. It’s worth noting that all items sold at Villavejen are painted to order, so you’re always guaranteed a fine and freshly painted product upon delivery. For example, hang the cloud nameplate outside the door of the child’s room, or maybe it should hang inside the room so your child can always look at it. It will undoubtedly liven up the room significantly and add charm and personality, especially in combination with our fine hooks or baby mirrors.

Put the finishing touch on the superhero room with a super cool nameplate

If there’s a little superhero hidden in your boy, and he has a superhero-themed room, you can add the final touch with either a nameplate in a cool mask design or a cool bat design, with your child’s name written across it. The possibilities are many, but it will undoubtedly make your son’s superhero room even more beautiful and make the theme more complete. Give your own little superhero a nameplate on the door, or choose to hang it over his bed – you have the choice between black or wood. The nameplate is also cut from 6 mm plywood, so they hang close to the wall and will stand in a beautiful contrast to either a white, gray, or light blue background. Spoil your child with a complete room and put the finishing touch with either a bat nameplate or a nameplate with a cool mask – he will undoubtedly love it, along with our many other superhero-inspired products.

A nameplate is much more than just wall decoration

A sign with your child’s name will, of course, liven up either the wall or the door, but at the same time, it helps to set a personal touch in your home. It’s something very special when your child’s name is written on the door, so he or she will truly feel at home and comfortable in their own room. Moreover, it just creates a really good and cozy atmosphere. Check out the large and exciting selection of fine crown nameplates for the ultimate princess room or how about a nameplate with Cupid’s arrow in wood? You can also choose to have a door sign that says ‘little drummer’ if there’s a little drummer in the family. This is also made of 6 mm plywood and will therefore withstand quite a bit. Finally, you can also choose a standard nameplate where it’s just your child’s name that is written without any fuss – the name will be about 10 cm high, and here you have the opportunity to choose between wooden letters in either gold, silver, black, or wood. Please note here that the name must not be a double name like Anne Mette, and if your child has a double name, you are forced to buy two separate nameplates. There are many possibilities when it comes to nameplates for the child’s room, so just choose the plate that best matches your child’s wishes and personality.

Door nameplate – perfect for the little one or the new parents

Our nameplates are made to decorate the little ones’ rooms, regardless of whether a little extra is needed for the boy’s or girl’s room. Therefore, it is an obvious gift for the new parents or for your own children. A door nameplate will make the small cozy “den” more personal and ensure safe, recognizable frames. We have something for everyone, so whether the little one loves Batman or horses, it’s no problem. Our door nameplates are also the perfect option when you’re on the hunt for a gift, as you have the opportunity to give something personal.

Click through our selection here on the page – maybe you come across something that can be used for the new parents or when the child’s room at home needs a little extra personality? With us, you can always expect Danish craftsmanship of high quality, which is your guarantee for a product that will last for many years. We guarantee fast delivery, so if you’re late for gifts, we do everything we can to get the nameplate there in time so you can delight the recipient with a personal and sweet gift.

Villavejen is for those who love personal products in Danish design

Whether you are looking for new and beautiful interior for the children’s room or just want to pamper your child a little, a nice nameplate would be a good choice. At Villavejen, you can easily find just the plate that suits your child’s room, as you will find superhero signs as well as signs for little princesses. Nameplates are perfect as wall decoration, and it’s also a good idea to hang them on the door so that there is no longer any doubt about who lives in which rooms. Get your hands on a personal and unique nameplate from Villavejen and get Danish quality design at an affordable price.