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Poster for the children’s room – with animals

Here at Villavejen, we offer delightful posters for children, designed so that every child’s heart can find something whimsical or cute that can fit into the children’s room, no matter what personality the child has, and whatever decorative style the child’s parents prefer. Read more.

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    Original price was: €49,53.Current price is: €39,62.
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    Original price was: €49,53.Current price is: €39,62.
We have the warehouse filled with materials that, after ordering, turn into children’s posters with cute motifs, beautiful animals, beautiful height charts, letters that form cute sentences and the alphabet, both in large and small format. All our posters have their own personality, and they can definitely help add the finishing touch to the child’s room, whether it’s a boy or a girl – so take a look at our large selection, where there is something for everyone.
Children’s posters with cute motifs
We produce a personalized poster for you and your unique child’s room according to your needs – all you have to do is choose the motif and size. At Villavejen, we make a wonderful mix of a poster with animals and various words or letters so that the child you are buying the poster for can get acquainted with word plays at an early age or simply be motivated by sentences such as “Little hearts can also feel great things”. Our children’s posters with text are a completely unique opportunity to add something extra to the child’s room in the home.
A nice poster with animals
If you are looking for posters for the children’s room, there are plenty of options on this page for unique wall decorations for the child who is wild and unconquerable like the crocodile, fast and ready like the quick squirrel, shy and adorable like the fine fox or quiet and thoughtful like the hedgehog. We have all kinds of posters for children, and there will definitely be a poster that appeals to your child. At Villavejen, we offer to print personalized posters with animals that almost seem to pop out of the frame and into the child’s room, so it creates a more real and incredible impact on even a small room.
Personal posters for children
At Villavejen, we offer a wide selection of cute posters with animals and texts for any child and their parents. The background colors on the children’s posters can be found in grey, light blue and pink, so it fits any theme in the room. If the decoration is supposed to be interactive, it is also possible to order cute height charts in a set height of 106, where you can track the child’s growth and mark the date next to the centimeters during the measurements. You just have to make sure that the height chart has been hung up, so its bottom is exactly 36 cm above the floor, and then you can measure a few times a year until the child reaches a height of 140 cm.
With the height charts, you get either a lion and the text “King of the jungle” or a unicorn with the text “Every little thing she does is magic!”, so there is something for the classic girl and boy.
Our children’s posters give you great opportunities to design a cute and personal child’s room, which will be something out of the ordinary and that the child is guaranteed to love.
Poster with text
On our children’s posters are printed sweet, motivating texts that are all about smiling every day or walking around carrying big emotions, even though you are still ’a little heart’ because you are still just a child. We also have the poster for the child’s room of the little fox, where it says “Cuteness overload”. This poster could, for example, fit perfectly into the room of the sweet little girl, and will like the other, cute motifs help to give the room extra color and life – and bring out a smile.
If you are interested in teaching your child about letters and word combinations, then these posters have sentences both in Danish and English that children will learn to recognize and interpret with just a little adult help. Otherwise, we also offer posters with the Danish alphabet over the head of a hedgehog, a crocodile or a squirrel, where all 28 letters are both uppercase and lowercase so that the word game can begin already in the child’s room. If the child, for whom one of our posters with text is intended, is in kindergarten age or even younger, then such a child poster can help the child learn the alphabet, even before school starts, and thus help to create an extra favorable school start. There are several options, and we definitely have the right poster, no matter if you are looking for posters for the little boy or girl.
Look at the broad selection at
Take a look at all the nice posters and height charts that you can find here on our site, and remember that our selection is constantly growing. Our collection does not stop here – remember that we have many other wonderful home accessories such as lamps, mirrors, shelves and small decorations that you can mix and match with these beautiful posters for children.
Come back regularly to make sure you stay up to date or follow us on one of our pages on various social media.
Danish design and fast delivery
We value quality and service incredibly highly, which is why all our products are, of course, in Danish design, so only the best quality is sent home to you. Furthermore, neither you nor the child has to wait for long after the order has been placed, as we always deliver quickly, so you can enjoy the new purchases as soon as possible and thus get the child’s room decorated as soon as possible.