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Snow Animal Posters – Get a unique poster tailored to your child and their name.

A personal snow animal poster from Villavejen.

The posters can be designed so that your child’s name is written on them.

Most popular in this category:

  • Owl with blue butterfly and name - Poster

    Owl with blue butterfly and name – Poster

  • Reindeer poster with the quote "Be Kind" on a white wall.

    Reindeer – Be Kind – Quote Poster

  • Owl poster with the quote "Be Honest" on a white wall.

    Owl – Be Honest – Quote Poster

  • Poster with snow leopard and quote - Be Strong on a white wall

    Snow Leopard – Be Strong – Quote Poster

  • Penguin poster with the quote Be Unique on a white wall

    Penguin – Be Unique – Quote Poster

  • Ice Bear poster on a white wall

    Polar Bear – Be You – Quote Poster


Design your child’s name poster so it fits right in your home.