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Letters and numbers in oak:

  • Wooden letters on oak wall - alphabet

    Alphabet A to Z – Wood

    Josefine as a nameplate made with single letters in oak

    Letters in oak veneer – buy individually 2022 elegant version

    Original price was: €2,68.Current price is: €1,88.
  • nøøøj, det for børn

    Small letters in oak veneer – individual

    Sign in oak for decorating the children's room

    Hope Faith Love – oak

    Original price was: €40,13.Current price is: €30,10.
  • philina julia nameplate for door

    Letters in oak veneer – buy individually


Black painted letters and numbers:

    Black letters on the door to a child's room

    Black letters – buy individually

    Original price was: €2,68.Current price is: €2,15.

    Alphabet A to Z – Black

    Original price was: €53,55.Current price is: €42,84.
    Cute text for the wall in the little girl's room

    Hope Faith Love – black

    Original price was: €40,13.Current price is: €32,11.

Acrylic letters and numbers:

    Acrylic letters for the child's room - Friday

    Big capital letters in black acrylic – buy separately

    Original price was: €2,68.Current price is: €2,15.
    alphabet in acrylic, children's room black on wall

    Alphabet A to Z – Black

    Original price was: €53,55.Current price is: €40,17.
    Beautiful numbers cut in 3 mm black acrylic

    Acrylic numbers, black – buy individually

    Original price was: €2,68.Current price is: €2,15.

Painted letters and signs in colors:

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For children’s room decoration

At Villavejen, we aim to create
This applies to all decoration, both indoors and outdoors.

With our delicious and stylish products, you easily create a personal and cozy atmosphere.

Black acrylic letters on the wall with the text: You are beautiful.
Name and dinosaurs on the wall.
#Outfit of the day on the wall above the wardrobe.
Beautiful text in black letters for the children's room.
Acrylic grill motif and the text "Bon Appétit" by the grill area on the terrace.
Beautiful quote with a baby
Design letters in kids room

Inspiring Children’s Room

Play with words and numbers in the children’s room

Numbers and letters can be used for a lot, and in the children’s room, it is an excellent opportunity to decorate the walls with, for example:

  • inspiring proverbs
  • sweet messages
  • quotes
  • your child’s name or initials

It is a fun and educational alternative to, for example, posters, which often adorn the walls of the children’s room. In addition, it is an opportunity to give your child’s sanctuary a personal and unique touch that will undoubtedly stand out from the crowd.

Choice of materials

Your favorites among our numbers and letters are the variants in oak veneer. They are available in the natural wood design or painted black.

If you’re not into the wood look, our products are also available in acrylic, which is an incredibly durable and robust material.

Solid craftsmanship in high quality

At Villavejen, we have great respect for good craftsmanship, which is reflected in each product. We are very focused on producing products of good quality and therefore carefully select our materials.

Our wooden products are cut from 6 mm thick quality oak veneer. And the acrylic products are cut from 3 mm thick matte silky smooth acrylic, which is an incredibly durable and robust material. Thus, you are ensured a durable product of the highest standard.

Unique Danish Craftsmanship and Design

The majority of our products are our own design, meaning unique items you won’t find elsewhere. All products are manufactured in Denmark, ensuring you receive a solid quality product crafted with good Danish craftsmanship.

Custom-Made Products

Almost all of our products are made to order. This ensures you receive a unique product tailored to your wishes and needs.

Delivery Time

When you place your order, we start crafting the product. This means you should expect a delivery time of up to 7 days.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. If your order is urgent, we will do everything we can to deliver on time. In case of an urgent matter, we recommend calling us to ensure it is possible.

Additional Questions

If you have questions about the products or in general, you can contact us via: Phone: +45 28 73 00 30 or email:

We look forward to hearing from you and will do our utmost to help and guide you to get the perfect product that matches your wishes and needs.