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Wall decoration for the child’s room

Are you seeking something that can elevate the design of the child’s room to a new level without losing the charm and personality of the room? The walls in the child’s room should be filled with creativity and life. This can be done with beautiful colors, playful pictures and figurines in clean styles. Read more.

Most popular in this category:

    Construction crane on a white wall - baby

    Building crane – wood

    Original price was: €24,03.Current price is: €19,22.
  • Rabbit wall decoration

    Rabbit – wood

  • Hen wall decoration

    Hen – wood

  • Chick - wood

    Chick – wood

  • Milkshake glass in oak veneer

    Milkshake – wood

    Take the L - giant dancer figure

    Giant Dancer – “Take the L”

    Original price was: €93,82.Current price is: €75,06.
    Floss dancer - giant model in gamer room

    Giant Dancer – “Hootenanny”

    Original price was: €93,82.Current price is: €75,06.
    Floss dancer - giant model in gamer room

    Giant Dancer – “Floss”

    Original price was: €93,82.Current price is: €75,06.
    gamer rooms with giant dancers on the wall

    Giant Dancer – “Dab”

    Original price was: €93,82.Current price is: €75,06.
    Butterfly set - 4 pieces oak veneer

    Butterfly set of 4 pieces – New

    Original price was: €25,37.Current price is: €20,29.
  • 30 cm tall ballerinas in oak veneer on the wall.

    Ballerina set – 4 pieces.

  • Butterfly set of 3 pieces on the wall.

    3 pieces of butterflies – wood

  • Beautiful branches in oak veneer on a wall

    7 leaves on a branch – 27 cm

  • Wall mounting with several branches in oak

    3 leaves on branch – 27 cm

  • Heart for vase or flower in oak

    Heart in oak – 27 cm

  • Bee for the wall as decoration

    Bee in oak – 27 cm

  • Lotus flower with engraved text

    Lotus flower oak – 27 cm

  • marguerite with engraved text for the wall

    Marguerite in oak – 27 cm

  • beautiful olive branch on a wall for decoration

    Olive branch in oak – 27 cm

  • Daffodil on wall for decoration

    Daffodil in oak – 27 cm

  • Buttercup oak – 27 cm

  • Sunflower in oak with engraved text

    Sunflower in oak – 27 cm

  • Tulip on a wall in oak

    Tulip in oak – 27 cm

  • Hummingbird cut in 6 mm oak

    Hummingbird in oak – 27 cm

    Children's coat hook shaped like a hot air balloon

    Air balloon wall decoration – wood

    Original price was: €9,26.Current price is: €7,41.
    Beautiful air balloon in gray on the wall

    Wood sticker air balloon – color

    Original price was: €9,26.Current price is: €7,41.
    Cloud coat hook in white

    Cloud wall decoration – color

    Original price was: €9,26.Current price is: €7,41.
    Children’s coat hook in a boy’s room shaped like a firetruck

    Firetruck wall decoration – wood

    Original price was: €9,26.Current price is: €7,41.
    wooden children's coat hook shaped like a car

    Car wall decoration – wood

    Original price was: €9,26.Current price is: €7,41.
    10 cm children's coat hook shaped like a cloud, made of oak

    Cloud wall decoration – wood

    Original price was: €9,26.Current price is: €7,41.
    Beautiful coat hook shaped like an airplane, children's hook for the boy’s room

    Small aircraft – wood

    Original price was: €9,26.Current price is: €7,41.
  • Fruit series from - the series is made as wall decorations

    Set of 6 fruits

  • Decoration for children's room - feathers

    Feather set of 8 pieces – wood

  • Airplane - wood

    Big airplane – wood

At Villavejen, you’ll find a wide selection of decorations for the walls in the boy’s or girl’s room, which are guaranteed to create smiles and joy in the family. We allow nothing but your fantasy to set the limits, and you can trust that quality goes hand in hand with play and learning. The children are always the first priority when we design our products. That’s why we offer a broad selection of fun motives that your child will appreciate for years to come.

Beautiful fruity wall decorations

Fruits are great tools to teach children about colors, shapes and different tastes. That’s why we at Villavejen have designed beautiful wall decorations in fun and imaginative fruit motives, which will provide the child’s room with a playful and stylish touch. You can select between everything from exotic pineapple to Danish strawberries and the nice grapevines. All our products have a neutral wooden design with beautiful details, so the motives can decorate the walls in all kinds of child’s rooms, no matter what decorating style you have chosen.
All products in our fruit collection measure 10 cm in height and a suitable width. This allows for some flexibility for where the figurines can be placed. Whether they should decorate the wall above the headboard or maybe freshen up the closet doors, your idea can definitely come true.

Create a cozy environment in the child’s room

In Denmark, we learn about the Danish “hygge” – a phenomenon already in childhood. With Villavejen’s products, you are able to teach your child about “hygge” through fun wall decorations. For instance, you can pick between different motives of beautiful cups with hot drinks, which are guaranteed to give your child associations to cozy moments with the family. It can also be the Christmas holidays with gingerbread biscuits and advent calendars or warm summer nights with games and quality time. No matter what, your child will get a beautiful and cozy decoration of the wall. All our products in the collection measure 10 cm in height, which provides many opportunities to let your imagination run wild.
The decorative wall motives are also the perfect gift for everything, from baptisms to children’s birthdays. By selecting your gift at Villavejen, you can be sure to give something that is unique and personal to someone you care about. It is a great and decorative piece of craftsmanship that brings new life into any child’s room. Our products are also perfect for advent and gift calendars once December arrives.

Handmade wall decor in the best quality from Villavejen

At Villavejen, we never compromise on the quality of our products. Our entire collection is handmade in the best possible quality and made from the best materials on the market. We hand-paint and cut all our products specifically for you, so you get an aesthetically beautiful and unique product in Danish design. All our wall decorations are made from oak veneer, which guarantees you a durable product that will last for years to come and decorate the child’s room for more than one generation.

Make the child’s room personal with interior from Villavejen
On our site, you have excellent options to give the child’s room a personal touch. We have collections and products that match all interests – from the boys’ superhero ambitions to the girls’ princess dreams. Whether you want a beautiful name sign, an imaginative wall clock, or an adventurous night light, we are guaranteed to have what you’re looking for. We also offer to make your products extra personal. For instance, you can look into the options to get anything from your child’s name or age engraved or get your product colored in the child’s favorite color.
So what are you waiting for? Stand out from the crowd and decorate the room’s walls with other things than boring posters. There are no limits to creativity at Villavejen, and if you want inspiration to how you can approach designing your child’s room, you can look at our Instagram profile, which we often update with plenty of beautiful pictures from the children’s personal playground. Give us a follow so you don’t miss out on any updates. You can find us on Instagram under @villavejen and on Facebook by searching for “Villavejen”.
Excellent prices and great shipping quotes at Villavejen

At Villavejen, you will find that quality does not always go hand in hand with high prices. For us, it is extremely important that you, as a customer at Villavejen, can get products of the highest standard for a reasonable and fair price. It should not be expensive to decorate your child’s room. Explore our colorful and quirky selection, where you can definitely find something that fits your budget and will make your child’s room stand out from the crowd.
We also offer free shipping if you shop for more than DKK 449 in the webshop. You are able to choose if you want your package delivered to the nearest pick-up place, but you can also get it delivered straight to your door – the choice is yours. Our delivery time is usually seven working days. This is because we have several products we cut and paint after you have ordered with us. Your product is made for you, and we put work into the craftmanship. We accept several types of credit and debit cards. We accept both Visa, MasterCard and Visa Electron.
If you have any questions about our products, website or similar, then our strong and cheerful employees are ready to guide you to the solution that fits you best! Whether that’s questions on measurements, materials or something else, then our employees have the answers. Don’t hesitate to give us a call on +45 28 73 00 30 or e-mail